By The Community, For The Community.




All the latest local, national and international news of current events, delivered on a regular basis.


Programmes created in the UK and abroad reflecting current affairs, culture, education and morals and values.


Talk shows and nasheeds amongst other things, relating to various religions.


Family entertainment relating to various common cultural aspects and everyday life.


Talk Show

Programmes covering a wide range of subjects and topics including education, politics, welfare, sport, housing, current issues (such as Covid-19) etc. with various hosts and specialist guests.


A wide range of fun, exciting, entertainment including live shows, music, cultural shows etc. for the family to enjoy.


Special programmes and activities for our younger generation covering education, sports, arts etc. including hosting by young presenters.


To promote health and awareness, a range of programmes, talk shows and activities dedicated for the well-being and enjoyment of our community. With specialist guests.


Tips and advice programmes, talk shows and roadshows etc. using specialist hosts and guests to keep the community active and healthy, especially related to current health issues such as mental health and Covid-19.


Programmes and advice relating to the current education, welfare and well-being of our children and educational staff amongst other things such as improving skills, help with resource aids and things that can hinder the progress of a child’s education.

Live Events

To engage the wider part of the community locally, nationally and internationally, using various social media platforms, there will be live broadcasting of cultural and educational events etc.


These programmes and activities portray cultural aspects and heritage of things like food, music, art and crafts etc. to keep the community culture alive and active.


Flights, accommodation, tourism and historical places are amongst some of the things covered through programmes and documentaries and also any issues relating to travel guidelines and information relevant to both the national and international community.


Current affairs and guidelines covered through our programmes and talk shows with specialist guests, relating to all issues within the community from immigration, crime, housing, family welfare and current government policies etc.